Artist Statement

My heritage is Greek. I have drawn inspiration from this cultural rich legacy and from ancient Greek vases. I look to blend the ancient with the futuristic. I look to explore movement and growth within my work. The pieces that I produce have a fluidity, as through they are moving and constantly developing, just as we are as people. In my ceramics I like to mix media and finishes that go beyond traditional pottery, including spray paints, acrylics, modern and found glass.

There is a tangible connection between the past and the present, and I look to create work that brings these two together to reflect the now. For we too are made up of the past.

In looking into heritage and where we come from, I have developed a strong body of work that is made up of layers, strips of clay built up to represent different eras that create who we are and what we become. Each layer doesn’t always overlap well, sometimes it’s wonky and cracked and not united in body, just how history is. Sometimes generations progress well and overlap nicely and other times they fight against each other and there are cracks and relationships are strained.
My vision is to touch emotions with my work. They’re not meant to be perfect – but the opposite. They’re moving and fluid, I hope my audience sees and feels this.